Broken Screens

We repair broken screens, on all major makes and models of cellphones and tablets.


We offer rooting services for all OS versions through KitKat.


We Jailbreak all iOS versions on all devices up through 7.1.1

Water Damage

Most water damage cases are repairable. We use industry standard techniques to bring your device back to life.

What we do

We strive to provide you, the customer, with excellent customer service, and the highest quality repair around. We use the highest grade parts available to us, and the latest techniques to install them.

Why we do it

We are trying to change the consumer mentality that these devices are disposable. Many people don’t realize that although they only paid $200 for their phone, without the contract the device is worth around $800 (in most cases). By repairing these devices, we hope to save the consumer from hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

Where we do it

We are located in the South end of Reno, in the Damonte Ranch area, but we service the entire Northern Nevada area. Please feel free to call or take advantage of our mail-in form (located at top of page) for all of your repair needs.

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